What does half life mean for steroids


As a Cap I dont like to take risks unless they are worth it. One time I didn't speak to him for about a week. I sent a text on Sun, another on Mon -- both no response. On Friday I sent a text saying that I missed him and he responded telling me to come see him in the other state he has a place in. He was supposed to get back to me with the details, but then he flaked! 5 days passed and I checked him on it. I simply said 'so im guessing you either had a change of heart or it wasn't important to you'. All he could do was say sorry and answer my questions with more questions! I felt like I didn't even get anywhere when the texting back and forth was done! I just feel like if he wanted to reach out, he would. I never confront him and ask where he's been or why he hasn't stayed in touch. I'm always very cordial when I do reach out. A week or so after that, I asked him if I did something to bother him because he barely communicates and I wasn't sure if he was still interested. He said that I didn't do anything and that I'm a sweet person and how he is the problem because he's focused on getting money. This could be true or a front to let me down easy. I'm not exactly sure. I had left it alone thinking he wasnt interested and a few days later, I received a text from him inviting me out to an event the following week which surprised me. I initially wasnt going to go (due to work) and he seemed disappointed that I wasnt supporting him. Despite my hectic work hours, I still made my way out because I knew it was important to him and I wanted to show him I cared. He seemed happy i came and made me feel special all over again, but of course, after that, nothing. I've made the effort to try to spend time, but he's never really free to.  If I can make time for things, why cant he? I could've 'played' unavailable, because of how he acted prior, but we're grown and life is short. I hate going back and forth, tit for tat and feeling like I'm playing games. Smh. Sometimes I feel like I should play the game to get ahead though! What is up with him?

My son made weight for military promotion and I included two 16oz containers of the vegetable juice made from the leftover veggies from making the broth (no throw aways here) by blending it through the bullet and/or blender. It is suggested that if you have no time to ake the soup/broth, then drink 100% veggies juice. I say why buy it when you have the leftover veggies that was boiled for the broth/soup. He drank the recommended broth at his leisure. The homemade veggie juice was consumed cold into a smoothie or hot in a bowl like soup. He lost 16 pounds in less than three weeks. It would have been more but he needed the additional calories provided by the homemade vegetable smoothie/soup to give him more calories and nutrients needed for his physical training regiment. His discipline to the short two week plan and following one week one meal two drinks did not let the flavor deter his focus on the goal of healthy weight loss. So 16 pounds due to a modified Almased diet and 3 inches due to moderate physical training (moderate weight training and 1 to 3 mile track run or walk, alternating days. He ran the two miles and I walked the one as I also participated. Ok, so I couldn’t make the whole mile but a moderately brisk two laps and one painfully slow. :} I am a disabled Gulf War Vet., with high blood pressure, Graves disease (nuclear surgery on thyroid) with lifetime meds, Bronchial Asthma, +++. I have more energy and am able to get to the rehab therapeutic training and a 30min. supported treadmill walk. Drinking lots and lots of H2O, most important and filling, as a lot of times I thought i was hungery but was thirsty instead. In the evening I drank flavored teas, plain (let the tea bag steep a llittle longer or double the bags). I am feeling and looking better.

The most powerful form of dictatorship and control is one that you cannot see, being unaware of its existence. People are given the illusion of freedom by being allowed to vote every four years or so, but behind the scenes the same few are in control of whichever party of government is officially voted into office.

Democracy is supposed to be rule by the majority, which is a tyranny in itself, but it is not even that. It is the dictatorship by the few hiding behind the smoke screen of a ‘free and open society’.

Every person elected from the left or the right is ultimately controlled by the few at the top of the pyramid and it doesn’t matter which one is elected and put in charge, the RK-crime cabal of the elite brotherhood dictates to them exactly how, what, when and where all is to be done.

In summary, it really doesn’t matter whom you vote for, the hidden hand pulls the strings of those who appear to be in charge and making the decisions. The whole idea is to deceive the people into believing that they are free when they are fundamentally controlled.

Nobody rebels about not being free while believing to be free. When you are in a prison cell and you can’t see the bars people think they are free to leave whenever they choose.

But if you are in a prison cell and you see the bars, you know you’re in a prison.

If you are in the cell and you can’t see the bars you think you are free to leave, until you try, that is, which most people never do, but this is exactly what people should try to do now.

Governments talk endlessly about ‘Freedom’ and the ‘Free World’ because they are selling this prison without the bars .

The fairy tale they sell to us is nonsense of course, but we people are fooled into believing it, otherwise we may realize that in truth, we are living in a one-party dictatorship controlled by a few.

EU-Citizens Have No Influence:

What does half life mean for steroids

what does half life mean for steroids


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