Turbolino mainz

In case you have been looking for something fun to do with your kids on the weekend, either to get them out of the house or to meet some new people, try one of the numerous indoor jungle gyms in the area. Most of them have multi level climbing parks, connected trampolines, carpet slides, baby areas and more. I have reviewed the following three and can recommend them for birthday parties, day get away’s a nd even family brunches (except RambaZama in Mainz). You and your kids will have a fantastic time burning energy and meeting new people…

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Thanks to the advantageous location in the mild and relatively dry climate of the surrounding wine-growing region plants that require a warmer environment can be grown outdoors in the JGU Botanic Garden over the whole year. To complement the reproduction of the Mainz Sand Flora , a new section themed around the region of the steppes of Europe has been created over the last few years. Other high points of the collection include the families of flowering plants, the trees and shrubs of the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, temperate plants from the Mediterranean climate zones and the southern hemisphere as well as tropical and subtropical agricultural crops. A special themed Plants of the Orient collection is currently being formed. The main focus in the greenhouses is on the different forms and species of tropical plants and their relationships with one another. JGU's Botanic Garden also maintains one of Europe's largest research collections of plants of the genus Salvia or sage.

Turbolino mainz

turbolino mainz


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