Tbol gains keepable

Sorry I usually don't check this site frequently. There is no need to take nolvadex during the cycle. If you struggle with your cholesterol/triglycerides, I would consider reframing from the cycle entirely. However, I believe (I don't know much about street drugs) I read once that dianabol is often sold as OT, in which case an aromatase inhibitor would be useful. I have no idea if that source was credible or not, but if you notice significantly increased water retention, that might be something to consider.
I would do 2 weeks of aromasin 25mg QOD followed two weeks QOD. Nolvadex at 20mg QD should suffice the entire time. I have no idea what Aromatase Inhibitor for Men is, however, if it is a supplement, I can promise you it does not work well as any of the pharmaceuticals (aromasin, arimidex, letro) available today. I imagine anyone saying that is either quite dumb or more likely they got fake aromasin.

X2. Keep diet and training up and you should keep what you gained. Although they say eq and primo are easier to hold on to but I don't believe that. If you gain 10lbs of muscle from deca and 5lbs of water and drop the water you still kept all the muscle you gained. The only cycles that might be hard to hold into the muscle is really short oral only cycles which are retarted to do anyway. The body just doesn't have the time to adjust to the new muscle so it will drop it as soon as it can. So if you keep eatinf big and adjust your training you'll keep your gains. But a lot of people lose motivation after and stop eating and lose what they gained.

Tbol gains keepable

tbol gains keepable