Swole nerd steroids

I am a private seller. New clients must be approved before they can order. Pm me or apply on the website to be a approved as a new client. Existing clients should go to the website and log into their account. Follow the instructions you see once you click on the products. I will be on here in a low key platform. DO NOT LEAVE ME A POSITIVE REVIEW. DO NOT POST PICS OF MY PRODUCTS. DO NOT DISCUSS SHIPPING METHODS. If you do and I know who you are we are no longer doing business. All oils are in MCT,BB, and BA exept ., Injectible Winny, Tren Base, Stanolone/DHT, and C4 Ultimate pre work out blend. All vials are filled to 11cc, have high quality flip tops that leave no burr, and have Pharma grade presentation. All tablets are hard pressed,scored for easier splitting, packed at 55 count, and have Pharma grade presentation except Caber which is 10 tabs per pack. If you don't have a safe email I recommend for a free safe email provider. MUST READ!!!!

Swole nerd steroids

swole nerd steroids


swole nerd steroidsswole nerd steroidsswole nerd steroidsswole nerd steroids