Sudden hearing loss treatment steroids

I have a female mixed fox terrier, age 11, no prior health problems who suffered sudden bilateral hearing loss following a 3 day stay at a pet boarding facility.
Prior to visit the pet (Maggie) had perfect hearing.
Visit to veterinarian demonstrated no physical abnormality post otoscopic exam.
Pet presented no symptoms of auditory disease and was not introduced to any medications other than a vitamin/mineral supplement purchased week earlier distributed by GNC Pets.
Could constant barking sounds while at a pet shelter for only 3 days or perhaps a supplement given at recommended dose ( one per day) described as a premium ultra mega multivitamin plus formulation be suspect to sudden hearing loss?

The most common treatment for sudden deafness, especially in cases where the cause is unknown, is corticosteroids. Steroids are used to treat many different disorders and usually work by reducing inflammation, decreasing swelling, and helping the body fight illness. Steroids are usually prescribed in pill form. In recent years, direct injection of steroids behind the eardrum into the middle ear (from here the steroids travel into the inner ear), called intratympanic corticosteroid therapy, has grown in popularity. In 2011, a clinical trial supported by the NIDCD showed that intratympanic steroids were no less effective than oral steroids , but were less comfortable overall for patients. They remain an option for people who can’t take oral steroids.

Earwax (ear wax) is a natural substance secreted by special glands in the skin on the outer part of the ear canal. It repels water, and traps dust and sand particles. Usually a small amount of wax accumulates, dries up, and then falls out of the ear canal carrying with it unwanted particles. Under ideal circumstances, you should never have to clean your ear canals. The absence of ear wax may result in dry, itchy ears, and even infection. Ear wax may accumulate in the ear for a variety of reasons including; narrowing of the ear canal, production of less ear wax due to aging, or an overproduction of ear wax in response to trauma or blockage within the ear canal.

Sudden hearing loss treatment steroids

sudden hearing loss treatment steroids


sudden hearing loss treatment steroidssudden hearing loss treatment steroidssudden hearing loss treatment steroidssudden hearing loss treatment steroidssudden hearing loss treatment steroids