Pharmacology corticosteroids asthma

The annual award celebration was held at Willow Oaks Country Club on Friday, June 2nd at 7:00 pm.   The Anthony Ambrose Award for the best third-year student was presented to Tareq Saleh; the Lauren A. Woods award for research excellence among doctoral students was awarded to Asti Jackson and Jacy Jacob, co-winners; the Postdoctoral Scholar award was presented to Dr. Jenny Wilkerson; the Extraordinary Staff Award was presented to Hannah Lohner and the Professor of the Year was presented to Dr. Joseph Ritter from the PharmTox Student Organization.

"I use Clinical Pharmacology every day to deliver reliable drug information to my healthcare colleagues and patients efficiently. I love the fact that it always provides answers to my questions at my fingertips, no matter where I am. Clinical Pharmacology is comprehensive, easy to use, and up to date, and because it uses the most accurate resources and literature to substantiate its findings, I trust the content."

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Pharmacology corticosteroids asthma

pharmacology corticosteroids asthma


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