Hcg dbol only cycle

If all continues to go well on Npp I'll be switching to good ole Deca soon. Less pinning less hassle. Was planning to hold out for some Balkan labs 'incoming' shortly from 101 - but I may now just stick with SIS labs. They've seen me right so far so may win my loyalty going forward if their Tri- Deca is as good as this Npp.
Just one suggestion - SIS should identify the actual carrier oil used. While I had no problems many folks have allergy issues. Helps everyone make an informed, healthy choice.
Other than this - overall a very positive experience with both 101 and SIS labs.
I'd have no hesitation recommending both to anyone considering using them.

[MENTION=90688]green goblin[/MENTION] This is why i like to source homebrew then i know i'm getting what it says on the tin. So if bsi is under dose which is possible but i reckon that with it doing so well at the start they could of been a few fakes knocking about, I'd go with 2ml so you know your getting the dose you intended which was minimum 400mg. Also your right in not stacking on your first injectable, you will get advised and have been to take dbol or winny etc.. as they always do on here but your right in wanting to try test on its own so you know what sides if any you may get. Remember you may get all or even no sides ss we're all different.

Hcg dbol only cycle

hcg dbol only cycle


hcg dbol only cyclehcg dbol only cyclehcg dbol only cyclehcg dbol only cyclehcg dbol only cycle