Flovent steroid inhaler side effects

Hello doc. I’m here to tell a good news. My dad is doing well right now. The last time I updated here he went for X-ray to see if his tooth extraction caused he’s change of smell, but the x-ray revealed no abnormalities. Lumbar puncture was also done when he went back to the hospital to rule out any viral infection, thank God the result was negative. As of now he’s still taking steroids but in lower dosage to treat some’ fatigue but all in all he’s appetite changed, he still have sensitive taste and smell but he can now eat more. And he’s back to work also. He doesn’t complain anymore about any pains so I believe he’s recovering well. He’s also gaining weight as I can notice. I just hope he’ll be totally well.

Inhaled Steroids (such as Flovent, Pulmicort, and Qvar): Inhaled steroids can be safely given daily for asthma maintenance control. Because the medication is only going to the lungs (where it is needed) and not to the rest of the body, none of the long-term side effects of oral steroids are experienced. There have been exhaustive studies demonstrating that inhaled steroids given daily are safe and effective, and are considered first line therapy for asthma maintenance. These medications generally take a week or more to reach maximal effectiveness. One should NEVER attempt to use these medications in place of a rescue inhaler for acute symptoms. Because these medications work slowly, we will often start patients on a 3-7 day oral steroid "burst." When the oral steroid is finished, we will often then start an inhaled steroid to safely continue daily anti-inflammatory maintenance therapy.

For more detailed asthma information please see the  asthma section of the CHEO website.

Contact the Ontario Lung Association’s Asthma Action Helpline at 1-800-668-7682 or http:///Our-Programs/Asthma-Action/ . Ask the Ontario Lung Association for a free copy of the booklet “Asthma in Children,” written by Dr. Tom Kovesi from CHEO (you can also download the book at https:////Guest/?IDS=2TZ9nC86zWX66jBQitBETw%3d%3d ).

Contact the Ontario Lung Association’s Ottawa regional office, 2319 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 500 (at Thurston Dr), phone 613-230-4200. The Lung Association has free, personalized asthma education sessions for children and their families, delivered by a certified asthma educator.

Flovent steroid inhaler side effects

flovent steroid inhaler side effects


flovent steroid inhaler side effectsflovent steroid inhaler side effectsflovent steroid inhaler side effectsflovent steroid inhaler side effectsflovent steroid inhaler side effects