East german officer

 ALL the pictures are taken by which is based on the real items

WWII German SS Gestapo Field grey Officer Service tunic is made of fieldgrey gabardine .the price of $ only includes the uniform.

The breech is made of  grey  gabardine which  is shown on the picture.

The hat  is a visor cap as you can see on the picture.

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For much of the 13th century the most important coastal town was Mogadishu , a mercantile city on the Somalian coast to which new migrants came from the Persian Gulf and southern Arabia . Of these, the most important were called Shirazi, who, in the second half of the 12th century, had migrated southward to the Lamu islands, to Pemba, to Mafia, to the Comoro Islands, and to Kilwa, where by the end of the 12th century they had established a dynasty . Whether they were actually Persian in origin is somewhat doubtful. Though much troubled by wars, by the latter part of the 13th century they had made Kilwa second in importance only to Mogadishu. When the Kilwa throne was seized by Abū al-Mawāhib, major new developments ensued. Kilwa captured Mogadishu’s erstwhile monopoly of the gold trade with Sofala and exchanged cloth—much of it made at Kilwa—and glass beads for gold; and with the great wealth that resulted new pottery styles were developed, a marked increase in the import of Chinese porcelain occurred, and stone houses, which had hitherto been rare, became common. The great palace of Husuni Kubwa, with well over 100 rooms, was built at this time and had the distinction of being the largest single building in all sub-Saharan Africa. Husuni Ndogo, with its massive enclosure walls, was probably built at this time, too, as were the extensions to the great mosque at Kilwa. The architectural inspiration of these buildings was Arab, their craftsmanship was of a high standard, and the grammar of their inscriptions was impeccable . Kilwa declined in the late 14th century and revived in the first half of the 15th, but then—partly because of internal dynastic conflict but also partly because of diminishing profits from the gold trade—it declined again thereafter.

Purpose : To enroll the hospital as a participating healthcare provider to the East West Assist (EWA) group of service provider. I. EWA will provide the following services by virtue of this agreement.

  • 1. To provide insurance companies and employees of corporations information and access to quality health care.
  • 2. To base with health insurance sector.
  • 3. To offer cashless services to clients through the provider network.
  • 4. To provide a twenty four hour alarm center
  • 5. Being listed as a preferred care provider on the list of EWA
  • 6. EWA will settle all approved, reasonable bills within 60 days of receipt of bills and supporting documents as details in the attached annexure

East german officer

east german officer


east german officereast german officereast german officereast german officereast german officer