East german nva uniforms

Why Buy from Gowen Militaria? Gowen Militaria (formerly Richard Gowen Militaria) is America 's original specialist in East German militaria. We date back to 1990 when the DDR still existed. Our first venture was to negotiate with the East German Defense Ministry for the direct purchase of many collectibles never before seen in quantity in the . We were the first to import NVA ("VOPO") helmets into the country, along with Stasi uniforms, visor hats, field equipment and numerous insignia.

The official opening is more than three months away. Builders cart rubble out of the museum. The sound of drilling echoes around the building. Workers are sanding floors and laying electrical cabling. The former Albertstadt barracks has changed more in the last five years than in the previous 140. Numerous armies have used it since the 19th century. Its arsenal has housed the military museums of the Royal Saxon Army, the Imperial German Army, the Nazi Wehrmacht and the East German National People's Army, the NVA. After reunification, the German government decided to expand the arsenal and transform it into an exemplary museum for the Bundeswehr.

East german nva uniforms

east german nva uniforms


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