East german dictatorship

I do not intend to defeat Hitler in any way but isn't it a sign of strenght and straightness when you don't change after being elected?
He made promises which he kept - in this case for the worse. Everybody was able to inform themself simply by reading the then widespread "Mein Kampf".
Nowadays everybody seems shocked when President Trump (who was democratically elected!) sticks to the prospects he made during his rally and shows no intention to be appeased or contained in any way. But the later seemed to be the hope of some pundits. Get the person Trump without his admittedly controversal program.
But other than Hitler Trump never planned to extinct a whole race or conquer souvereign countries - again all facts which were well known before 1933. Trump announced an immigrational memorandum during this campaign. Trump announced a protectional economic policy. Trump announced the wall to Mexico. Trump announced a pragmatic foreign policy. Trump promised to create jobs at the expense of foreign economies. Trump announced new terms regarding his dealing with the media. So every fear of a rogue President Trump misconceived because he only implements what he promised!

Nazism refers to the totalitarian Fascist ideology and policies espoused and practiced by Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Worker’s Party from 1920-1945. Nazism stressed the superiority of the Aryan, its destiny as the Master Race to rule the world over other races, and a violent hatred of Jews, which it blamed for all of the problems of Germany. Nazism also provided for extreme nationalism which called for the unification of all German-speaking peoples into a single empire. The economy envisioned for the state was a form of corporative state socialism, although members of the party who were leftists (and would generally support such an economic system over private enterprise) were purged from the party in 1934.

East german dictatorship

east german dictatorship


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