Do you lose mass after steroids

Yesterday, after reviewing my scan results, my doctor told me to go off Keto and resume a normal diet due to concerns about the lean muscle loss. I ate one bowl of milk and Life cereal and a small slice of cheese pizza for dinner and hours later thought I was going to die. It was a long, miserable night. I bloated up like a cow eating too much raw alfalfa. Prior to keto, Life cereal and pizza were several times a week staples. What is up with this? Is 20 lbs of muscle loss really that big of a deal? My doctor is worried I did metabolic damage.

Dear Kaamilya, your oncologist or nurse may have some good suggestions for you, but you may also find it helpful to read through our patient education materials on "Eating Well During and After Cancer Treatment," which can be found here: https:///cancer-care/patient-education/eating-well-during-…
It includes suggested menus for people with special dietary needs (such as those who are trying to maintain or lose weight) and even sample recipes. We recommend that you to discuss any specific questions about your particular nutritional needs with your doctor. Thank you for reaching out to us.

Like most people here, I have the problem of muscular thighs. I’m a 23 yr old female and I’m 5’3″. when I lose weight following conventional rules about cardio amd weight resistance training I would lose fat but I’d be left with a muscular curve on the front of my thighs and a bulky side view, especially in jeans. Im sure it’s genetic but I HATE IT ! Lately I’ve been trying to shift some fat I’ve Gained but I’m taking a new approach, focussing on cardio;brisk walking, jogging and interval training on the treadmill at my gym. I’m avoiding any resistance leg work but I have been doing leg raises while lying on my side because I want to target some stubborn fat deposits between my thighs which have been problematic for me even when I was thinner (I never targeted these deposits in my previous weight loss programs, but this time I’d like a more feminine, streamline result, less bulky muscles and I’m really hoping to get at least hint of that elusive “thigh gap”) . Given I’m not using any weights with these raises, do I risk adding bulk to my thighs with this activity ?

Do you lose mass after steroids

do you lose mass after steroids


do you lose mass after steroidsdo you lose mass after steroidsdo you lose mass after steroidsdo you lose mass after steroidsdo you lose mass after steroids