Canadian dbol reviews

I have been using anavar for the last two months and have gotten amazing results so far. I am a 20 year old female and although i was already very lean before beggining my cycle my goal was to add on 10 more pounds of muscle. I was a little skeptical of it since its a steroid and all and being a girl i was worried about side effects. I can happily say that i have reached my goal with the only side effect being a few pimpes but that is to be expected when putting extra testosterone into your body. For anyone on there either looking to add some lean muscle mass or even shred up a bit for the summer take anavar! its amazing

Hey Whats up Derek, hey bro, first of all i truly appreciate your time and knowledge, ive been following EA for a long time and your YT channel aswell, ive been training for 9 years all natural and i think ive reached a good level, anyways, im planing to do my first SARM cycle in a couple of weeks, what would you choose/think is the best first SARM to start, im trying to gain some good 8-12 lbs of lean Mass, should i go with Ostarine 25 mg/40mg a day, or LDG 10mg/15mg a day, i want to get max results, so maybe 12 weeks?, and also what PCT would your recommend if i want to keep most size and of course recover my natural T (Maybe MK-677, Cardarine, Clomid etc), anyways bro, thanks in advanced.

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Canadian dbol reviews

canadian dbol reviews


canadian dbol reviewscanadian dbol reviewscanadian dbol reviews