C.e.t. oral hygiene chews

Sweeteners (in small amounts) are also accepted, considering that you do not give them to your dog on a regular basis. There are certain ingredients that need to be avoided, like sodium nitrate, potassium sorbate, artificial colorings and humectants.
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PROS Can help the dog keep its teeth clean They are very well designed and target the major oral problems of your dog They are very tasty and the dogs love to chew them They exercise the jaws, gum and teeth There are no additives or colorants included so they are 100% safe They are easy to find, and you can purchase them from nearly everywhere There is a wide variety to choose from: bones, chicken jerky, rawhide, pig ears, bully sticks, etc. They can become a great pastime activity They can be a great night treat They are very resistant

CONS The marrow can upset dogs who have problems with their stomachs They can contain unhealthy chemicals, especially if they come from a doubtable provider (thus you need to know the list of ingredients that you must avoid) If they chew them intensively they can end up breaking their teeth If they are not well-build they can break and the dog can swallow them Cooked bones can brake easily and the splinters can hurt the dog

C.e.t. oral hygiene chews

c.e.t. oral hygiene chews


c.e.t. oral hygiene chewsc.e.t. oral hygiene chewsc.e.t. oral hygiene chewsc.e.t. oral hygiene chewsc.e.t. oral hygiene chews