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Update to earlier comment: 1 week later. Continued conversations led to supplier wanting to provide me with 1 of two replacements on the HGH upon my next order. My last communication, I told them that I would prefer them to make it right now and not wait for my next order and they finally responded they would ship out the replacement. That was today. I will continue to update this thread and confirm the package was shipped and replacement was received.
Over all, although a slight pain in the A** to deal with, it seems they are making it right. If so, I will absolutely recommend this source. (only issue would then be the T/A for the third of three packages going over 1 month). I will update the recommendation when replacement is received.

Dave, let me clear the air here on some of the confusion… I recommend the 1 vial cycle for someone who is either A. younger or either B. already has high levels of natural testosterone. Now, the typical middle aged male who already had declining levels of natural testosterone COULD go with 500 mg/wk for 10 wks. Recovery is recovery at that point and if you’re going to do it then I see nothing wrong with getting the most out of that first cycle. But what you have to realize is a male with a starting level of high average test levels can still yield the same benefits of someone who is middle range-low end of normal and uses 500mg/wk of test. In either case the person can still gain a solid 20 lbs of muscle from either 1 or 2 vials, the determining factor on this is what they were at to begin with

Buy ugl dbol

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