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I recently met someone with a mustache, I think I really like this girl as she has a fine body shape ,I think she is a bit embarassed both with her body and the mustache, the first time we had sex we were both tipsy from a few drinks, she would avoid my lips so we never kissed ,since I smoke cigarettes I thought she could smell the smoke from my mouth and nostrils ,the sax though wasn’t soo great due to my expectations , it felt like I was trying to force a statue , I didn’t climax as it became uncomfortable for me. I intended to please her sexually but she wouldn’t let me do what I know best, my question is could this girl have the same deasease?

Jose Canseco , in his book "Juiced", accused Boone of steroid use, saying that in a 2001 spring training game he was stunned at Boone's physique, and the two chatted about what Boone was taking. However, Boone has denied taking steroids, or having any such conversation with Canseco, pointing out that he never played against Canseco during the 2001 spring training. [12] Despite Boone's claim that he never played against Canseco in the spring of 2001, his Seattle Mariners did in fact play the Anaheim Angels six times during spring training of that year. [13] However, Canseco never reached second base in any of those games, where the conversation is alleged to have occurred. [14] Canseco was then cut by the Angels on March 28. [15]

Biggio steroids

biggio steroids


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