Balkan dbol results

I have run Balkan D-bol, Winni, and T-bol all at different times. The D-bol I was extremely happy with, Even though I do not have anything else to compare their D-bol against, what I can tell you is that I used to take Superdrol as well as a bunch of other Pro Hormones before the ban, and the results from the D-bol was superior to any of these. Except maybe the Superdrol, that was one strong hormone! The Winni is also awesome within days I always notice the increase in endurance and I feel like I can workout out for hours. I was so happy to find Winni because finally there is something to combat the lethargy I always experience on cycle. The T-bol was another great product but I only ran it for one cycle and want to run it for a couple more before I review it.

I was highly dubious about ordering from this site because online shopping is precarious at the best of times. When I seen direct banking I was further concerned and didn’t want to be “that guy” who everyone laughed at for getting scammed. I decided to lodge directly into his account from a local Halifax as a form of personal protection. I lodged the money on Thursday morning and the stuff arrived Saturday morning. Everything 100% legit. Next time I will order directly from him in a direct bank transfer with no worries and would recommend this site to anyone. The only consideration I would urge of the site owner is to consider adding paypal as a form of payment, other than that this site is top class.

I've read the rave reviews about Balkan on this site and another board so I ordered it from my usual source. I ordered the Test suspension and it was garbage. I pinned 100mg per day and after a week noticed nothing at all. No edema, no aggression, no strength increase, no increased libido. I then used GP TNE (testosterone no ester), which is essentially test suspension, and got all of those effects within an hour . Stupidly, I read more rave reviews on this board and decided to try it again incase I got a bad batch or got it from an illegitimate source. I ordered the Balkan test prop from a top 5 source on here (with serial numbers, although they were faded) and pinned 100mg eod, which for me is twice as much as usual. After 10 days I noticed no effects at all. I then tried a different brand of test prop from "another source" at 50mg eod and started retaining water by day 2. By day 5, I was masturbating in the bathroom at work on my lunch break. By day 7, my bench incline bench went from 225lb x6 to 225lb x13. I've given this company two opportunities with two different products and they both delivered zero results compared to two competing brands. I've noticed that alot of the positive reviews are regarding their orals, but not their oils. Perhaps, they make good orals but I would stay away from the test. Incidentally, Ive been using steroids since 1994, if that gives you any indication of whether or not I have the experience to know the difference between legitimate vs suspect testosterone.

Balkan dbol results

balkan dbol results


balkan dbol resultsbalkan dbol resultsbalkan dbol resultsbalkan dbol results